Robin Davis, NRP

Hi, I’m Robin and I’m a founding partner of Absolute Leadership, LLC, the parent company of our training programs, consulting services and speaking engagements. I began my public service career as a volunteer EMT just outside of Washington, DC in 1986. A year later, I entered law enforcement and my career was launched. Over the years, I’ve been a police academy instructor, supervisor, aviation commander and flight paramedic. In EMS I’ve served as a trainer, EMS Battalion Chief, conference speaker, and currently Assistant Chief of EMS Operations.

I’ve also been a victim of violence as a paramedic. So, in 2003, while working as a police lieutenant, I began research on violence in EMS and was stunned with two things; the number of assaults and the lack of training. I began training locally, working with fire-rescue departments in Northern Virginia. I trained police and fire departments, in full day joint sessions, complete with hands on, full blown scenarios. My efforts took off, and soon, I found myself in recruit schools, command staff training and speaking at conferences, asking the question, “Street Violence, How Safe Are You?”

I’ve spoken to thousands of providers, administrators and command officers across the national capitol region and Canada. I’m now bringing my message of safety to the world. It’s time we prepare our first responders with real world, easy to apply tactics that can help you to recognize and react to violent situations, hopefully, before they happen.

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National Registered Paramedic. Currently serving as Assistant Chief of EMS Operations in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Police Officer

Retired Police Officer. Over 28 years of service in one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the U.S.


Teaching current and future first responders around the world. Classes custom built for executive leadership, first line supervisors and street personnel alike.

Public Speaker

Speaking at conferences, academies, and departments domestically and internationally. Contact us for more information on speaking engagements.

Absolute Leadership, LLC

Absolute Leadership, LLC was created by founding partners Robin Davis and Bernadette Davis to provide development solutions to individuals, organizations, agencies, employees and members. The mission of Absolute Leadership is to provide practical, memorable and life-changing learning opportunities based on real world experiences.

We seek to change the acceptance of violence in our culture, which directly impacts the growing number of emergency response providers being hurt on the job. We offer solutions to empower individuals to maintain their own safety and how to become situationally aware of their own surroundings and safety.

We strongly believe that every individual has the ability to lead themselves and others to whatever goals they want to accomplish. We are excited to play a role in that growth and awareness.

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