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Lucky in Ohio

Hello everyone, did you happen to catch the latest out of Cincinnati, Ohio, in which an engine crew was fired upon during a check the welfare call? I came across the video on Statter911 yesterday...

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I’m a little irritated

Hello everyone, I got up this morning and felt a lot on my mind. It’s been a pretty crappy week in EMS, hasn’t it? I mean, FDNY EMT murdered on the job; Two Gibson County (Tennessee)...

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FDNY EMT Murdered

This week we saw the tragic murder of one of our sisters in EMS, when EMT Yadira Arroyo, a 14-year veteran of the New York Fire Department, was killed Thursday night after a reported gang...

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Safe in the Box?

Looks like we’ve had another attack on our own during transport and it makes me wonder, “How can we be safe in the box.” The back of our unit is our home. We feel safe there. We do...

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Paramedic Sexually Assaulted

In Chicago last week (Jan 12. 2017), a 72 year old male patent sexually assaulted a paramedic during transport following an auto accident. See the Chicago Tribune article HERE.  Fortunately, the...

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Who’s Riding With You?

In EMS it’s very common that we allow family members of our patients to ride along with us to the hospital, especially parents. We make our decisions based on experience, situation and the...

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Third Party Attacks

Once again, the headlines are reporting on violence in EMS. Two medics in Detroit, MI found themselves under last year while operating at the scene of a trouble breathing call. Some reports are...

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“We’ll be staging”

A few months ago, I got into a heated discussion about the practice of staging and awaiting law enforcement to clear units into the scene. In one corner, there was the position that we stage on too...

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Safety in the Station

Sad news came from Kentucky this morning, as we learn that two of our fellow fire-rescue providers came under attack in their own station. It seems a man broke in the building and when confronted,...

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